India most likely to become member of Wassenaar Arrangement, claims Russian leader

Can't link India's case for NSG membership with that of Pakistan: Russia

Wassenaar Arrangement plenary starts in Vienna, may admit India

India'a membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies comes more than a year after becoming member of the Missile Technologies Control Regime (MTCR).

The Wassenaar Arrangement is one of the four export control regimes India has been trying to enter ever since it inked the civil nuclear cooperation agreement with United States in 2008. "We make this point in the contacts with the Chinese at different levels, and India should be confident of Russia's assistance".

There are "very good chances of a positive action" on India's application tomorrow at the Wassenaar Arrangement's plenary session in Vienna, Ryabkov said.

"WA Participating States reviewed the progress of a number of current membership applications and agreed at the Plenary meeting to admit India which will become the Arrangement's 42nd Participating State as soon as the necessary procedural arrangements for joining the WA are completed", the regime's statement read.

Ryabkov, who spoke in New Delhi, also said India's case can not be compared to Pakistan's. Through the revised list of items, India also seeks to send a message about its larger commitment to non-proliferation.

Russia's role is considered more important this year as it retains close ties with both India and China, two countries who have tense ties with each other. But it is not a member of the Wassenaar Arrangement, the MTCR and the Australia Group.

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar on Wednesday discussed the issue of India's entry into the Wassenaar Arrangement with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. India has applied for membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement with the secretariat of the group, which is located in Vienna, Austria.

Ryabkov said Russian Federation has been "very straightforward" and "vocal" in supporting India in its endeavour of getting NSG membership because of the country's "impeccable and impressive record" in the area of non-proliferation.

In June a year ago, India joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), another key export control regime, as a full member.

In June 2016, China had maintained that it opposes India's entry into the NSG, a group of nations seeking to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons by controlling access to sensitive technology.

On Pakistan's entry to the NSG, Ryabkov said there is no prospect for any "unanimity" with respect to the Pakistani application.

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