Facebook Live can now broadcast Messenger games

Facebook Messenger Games List: Launching New Titles, Video Chat And Livestream Features

Celebrating One Year of Games on Messenger with New Features, New Games and More

The new games won't be launching until 2018 though.

Facebook's Messenger games launched a year ago, and on Thursday the company announced it was rolling out new livestreaming and video chat features. This progress is exciting, but even more than that, we've been thrilled at the response over the previous year from both the people playing and the developers building.

Instant Games comprises 70 games from 100 developers, including Tetris and EverWing, that users can play alongside friends within the Messenger app. With an over 1.3 Billion users on the Facebook Messenger App the numbers after one year of games being available are astounding. But fundamentally, sharing the games you love with the people [who] you care about is, first and foremost. Today, the company is announcing a couple of notable new features for this gaming platform, including support for live streaming via Facebook Live and video chatting with fellow gamers.

We're so glad that people are embracing the unbelievable experiences game developers are building for Instant Games. It's easy to get started: while playing a game, tap the camera icon located in the upper right corner of the game. Then they can selects their audience and add a short description about the broadcast. To start recording, you press the "Start Live Video" button.

Once the broadcast ends, the video will be uploaded to either your Page or Profile depending on where you streamed to. Launching globally in early 2018 an Angry Birds game specifically made for Facebook Messenger will be released.

With the live streaming feature, Facebook is playing catch up rivals like Twitch, YouTube and Microsoft, all of which today offer their own tools and services for live streaming games.

Early next year, you can play games with friends from within a video chat in real time, allowing you see each other's reactions and have a deeper level of connection even if you're not physically in one location. Angry Birds will join the recently launched Tetris®, which includes beloved features like marathon mode and the ability to play with friends in Messenger group chats. Both games have been built by CoolGames, an Instant Games platform developer.

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