Epic Reveals 50v50 Battle Royale Map & It's Available Now

TGA 2017 Fortnite New Mode Revealed Features 50v50 PvP Battles

TGA 2017 Fortnite New Mode Revealed Features 50v50 PvP Battles

A Fortnite Battle Royale 50 vs 50 mode has been announced at The Game Awards, with the chaotic new addition to the hugely popular multiplayer game being made available for a limited time only. Instead of the usual 100 player conflict with one player remaining at the end, the new mode splits the entire server into two teams of 50, and the team that manages to wipe out the other becomes victorious.

Fortnite enthusiasts may have been waiting for this mode and are nearly certainly not disappointed with its rapid introduction and implementation.

Epic Games has introduced a colossal v1.1.0 patch to Fortnite, adding a glut of improvements, fixes and gameplay tweaks across the board for both Battle Royale and Save the World.

Today the developer also unveiled a new game mode for the title.

Battle Royale's previous limited event, Fortnitemares, had a Halloween theme and lasted for just over a month in the fall. If it indeed wins the award amongst its highly-rated rivals, it is because of Epic Game's continued support for the fan favorite Fortnite. Epic has also stated that it's found a way to reduce the size of future patches for Fortnite, so update v1.1.0 should be the last one that's aproximately 10 GB.

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