Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal confronted Priyank Sharma in BB House

Vikas Gupta with his mother, Priyank Sharma

Vikas Gupta with his mother, Priyank Sharma Twitter

While for some of the contestants, the meeting with family members of their housemates untangled a few knots, for others, it further intensified their equations.

Last night (7th December, 2017), Shilpa Shinde's mother Geeta Shinde paid a special visit inside the house. Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to freeze. Arshi's father walks inside the house and the contestants are asked to freeze immediately. His father praised all the housemates and told everyone to be nice to each iother and play well Divya Agarwal breaks up with Priyank Sharma Priyank Sharma's girlfriend Divya Agarwal, who had been a co-contestant with him on a previous reality show, gave him a shocking news. She cries bitterly as Rocky exits the house. Her comments left Priyank in tears. She told Priyank that he has hurt and a lot of other girls outside a lot and that she has broken up with him. He broke down on hearing her hard-hitting remarks. This also irked Hiten, who told her that he is supporting Vikas for being his friends. The kind lady warmly met everyone and told them that they have been playing well. Also, she has been successful in giving out the message that she didn't want to use any kind of manipulation to win the captaincy task. Interestingly, Arshi's father even got confused between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde as well. Vikas was visibly trying to influence Hiten, but Hiten was finding it really hard to shrug Hina off, given her dogged pursuit.

Before leaving the house, Divya tells Priyank that she was actually about to yell at Priyank, but his face melted her heart. Taking him in her arms, she also tells him how much she had missed him in the show. Vikas Gupta gets angry with Arshi Khan Once again, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan ott into a fight with each other. Later, when Bigg Boss releases Arshi from statue, she runs towards her father and gives him a tight hug and tells him, "aap budhe lag rahe ho (You have grown old)", to which her father instantly replies with a smile, "Budha hi to hoon (Yes, I am old)". Arshi said that she won't forgive Shilpa for this. Since Vikas supports Shilpa, Arshi repeatedly calls Vikas, "a thaali ka baingan" and he gets so pissed that he starts yelling at Arshi and tells her not to mess with him as he is very emotional.

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