Why Arshi will become the new captain

Bigg Boss 11 Arshi Khan Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11 Arshi Khan Shilpa Shinde India TV

Seems like Akash Dadlani is in no mood to change The Bigg Boss 11 contestant is constantly degrading his image with his insane antics and this time he sets his target on Shilpa Shinde. The person whose doll failed to find a spot would be disqualified from captaincy task, leaving his/her baby-sitter in the game. The baby sitting task in fun until, Arshi, who has a doll with Shipa Shinde's face, dips the doll inside the water. The doll is to be cared for like a baby and represents a housemate. The contestants were supposed to take care of their baby contestants and reserve a parking space in the garden area. The fate of the captain of the house lied in the hands of baby sitters this time.

It will be interesting to see the coming episodes. Arshi began crying as Akash consoled her while Vikas confided in Hiten. He even told Arshi that this would look very bad on national television which led to a war of words between the two. Akash agrees. He says he was bored and done. It is indeed unusual how equations change in the Bigg Boss house!

To this, Priyank said that Hina is actually insecure of Shilpa and also, of Vikas.

Hina Khan Calls Hiten Tejwani A Spineless Man, Here's How He Reacts- Watch Video! Hiten chose to listen to his friend, Vikas which greatly angered Hina. Vikas says, at any cost, Luv should not win. Luv points out that he has fought with Priyank again. Hina and Vikas have a fight when Vikas interrupts Hina and Hiten's conversation.

Vikas tells Luv that he will give him priority over Priyank when it comes to captaincy task. On the buzzer, Hiten goes to the parking but Vikas blocks his path. Hiten doesnt retaliate.

Later, Hina told Vikas and Hiten that she desperately wanted to become the captain but neither was convinced. Luv and Priyank then think about who will become the captain. Shilpa joined in the discussion and asked Akash to have some respect which only added fuel to the fire. Hina starts shouting and asks him to run towards the parking area. The day began with housemates taunting Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde over their camaraderie that could not make Vikas save the actor from nominations on Monday. Shilpa Kicks him on his butt. However, Akash aplogised for his impulsive reaction and the matter cooled off without any serious arguement.

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