Pokemon Go update brings 50 new Pokemons and weather changes

The rest of Gen III and Dynamic Weather officially heading to Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO update adds dynamic weather based on location and 50 Gen-3 Pokemon

Over 50 fan favorites like Salamence, Shifty and Ludicolo are also available now. Ruby and Sapphire were the first Pokemon games in which weather had a real impact, as certain Pokemon would perform better in certain conditions (and vice versa), so Niantic decided that now was the time bring the feature to the mobile game.

Niantic launched the game in 2016. As the seasons change, they will encounter different Pokemon, thereby keeping their gameplay experience fresh.

Bhargava explained that, while features like trading were still planned for down the road, the dynamic weather feature was prioritized because of the release of new Pokemon. Essentially removing the need to select Pokemon at the start of each raid or battle. Pokemon GO will now factor in the real-world environment and change Pokemon spawns and other goodies like stardust accordingly, adding some much-needed immersion to the title. Niantic indicates that when the forecast indicates rainy weather, players could spot the fun characters "splashing around".

The main games have had weather dynamics before, but it's all digital - you're not actually out in the rain for hours to capture that Pokemon you really want. That spell will be more effective when sunny. Over the next couple of weeks, additional Hoenn Pokémon will make their debuts in the app, eventually adding up to 50 new creatures that will hail mostly from the worlds that gamers infiltrated in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

The developers of the game have now released a video for the update, which you can see below, the update also brings a range of other new features to the game. These features have boosted the popularity of the game. Legendary Pokemon of the region viz. Groudon and Kyogre are also teased.

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