North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 'strongly' committed to Georgia's security

5 Dec 2017- 17:24:00

5 Dec 2017- 17:24:00

"In a constantly evolving security landscape, NATO's partnership with the European Union is more important than ever", the secretary general said before the meeting.

Dogged by reports by several media outlets that the White House is considering replacing him with CIA Chief Mike Pompeo, Tillerson called those reports "laughable".

NATO-Georgia Commission meeting has been held in Brussels, within the alliance's foreign ministerial, which was described as "very constructive" by NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Tillerson is set to meet with Stoltenberg to discuss a range of global security issues.

Stoltenberg was speaking to reporters in Brussels on December 6 - the second and last day of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers' meeting.

A senior State Department official briefed reporters ahead of the trip, Tillerson's seventh visit to Europe since talking the job as chief USA diplomat.

The Secretary General also noted that NATO Foreign Ministers discussed "progress Georgia continues to make along the path of reform, including with its successful efforts to modernize its armed forces".

Tillerson said he hoped to agree to deploy United Nations troops to eastern Ukraine, an idea the Russian president floated in September.

From Brussels, Tillerson will travel to Vienna for the annual meeting of the OSCE, with the emphasis on arms control and human rights, and the senior State Department official said, a message of support for Ukrainian sovereignty.

"When we look at the summit, which will take place next July, we agreed that we will continue to strengthen deterrence and defence and to continue the dialogue and to support our partners in Eastern Europe", - said Stoltenberg.

Answering a question about the reported US plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Stoltenberg said he would not "speculate" since President Donald Trump had not delivered his speech yet.

Aaron David Miller of the Wilson Center served five or six different Republican and Democratic secretaries of state and said the president's treatment of Tillerson is unprecedented. The foreign policy agency stressed that the US-initiated campaign to demonize the country is a prerequisite for war, while the DPRK pursues "a legitimate and just goal, strengthening its nuclear deterrent". "I think it's significant that we're talking about the right thing", he said.

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