Men Dominated YouTube This Year, & That's Disappointing

The Top Viral YouTube Videos of 2017

Can 10000 moderators keep YouTube free of objectionable content?

While most of the new hires are content reviewers, Google is also recruiting for related jobs, including engineers and policy specialists to work on refining its machine learning technology.

YouTube determined its top trending videos based on time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking and other metrics.

Latino artists' popularity on YouTube is proof that they are massively popular in worldwide markets, even if they continue to face barriers to entry in mainstream music in the U.S. What's more, it points to the fact that Latino listeners have been shaping global pop music trends for some time (check pop's current obsession with dembow-lite riddims for proof). It's been produced in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, but this particular video is from a Thailand show. Heartthrob pop star Ed Sheeran dominated the charts with videos for "Shape of You" (both the official video and Kyle Hanagami Choreography's dance routine) and a Carpool Karaoke guest spot. Farmer went on to be crowned champion of the season when it finished in September.

And, if snagging top place wasn't good enough - Mick made it into the list twice, with the original upload of the song coming in at sixth.

"To be in the number one, number two spot (on YouTube) we're really happy. because we worked so hard - months upon months of effort".

Mick Konstantin's tribute to UFC champion Conor McGregor ahead of his ill-fated fight with Floyd Mayweather was Ireland's most-watched video of 2017. Despacito sits at the top not only as the most viewed YouTube video of this year, but most viewed YouTube video of all time with 4.4 billion views.

This mini-film about a boy who follows his heart is the first animated short to make the list since 2011.

Professor Robert Kelly's Skype interview with BBC News started just like any other video news clip.

Here are the most watched music videos of the year.

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