'Jihadis leave India': Man burnt alive in Rajasthan in 'Love Jihad' case

70-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten By Her Son Forced To Take Back Her Complaint

70-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten By Her Son Forced To Take Back Her Complaint

In a shocking incident, a Muslim laborer from West Bengal was burnt alive for allegedly committing "love jihad".

The victim has been identified as Mohammed Afrazul, 48, from Malda in West Bengal and the attacker has been identified as Shambhulal Regar, a resident of Rajsamand.

Though police are yet to confirm the motive of the murder, the "love jihad" claim surfaced after Regar posted a video on social media justifying his action. The ranting man, in the video, viciously beats up the victim before proceeding to set his body on fire. "Accused has been arrested and a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up for investigation in the case", Kataria was quoted as saying by the agency. After killing Sheikh, Raigar made another video where he talks to the camera. In the video, the killer is seen talking about love jihad and presence of a young girl is also seen the video, which has fuelled rumours that it might be a love jihad case.

Additional Director-General of Police (Crime), Pankaj Kumar Singh said that a two-wheeler belonging to Afrazul was found at the crime spot.

"Jihadists, leave our country or you will meet the same fate", he later says in the video.

In order to stop the circulation of the graphic clip that can cause unrest, the internet in Rajasthan's Rajsamand has been suspended, meanwhile, the assurance of the arresting the accused soon has been given State Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria.

Police recovered the charred remains of the body at around 1 PM on Wednesday according to Indian Express. The victim has been identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh.

The term "Love Jihad" has been used by right-wing groups accusing Muslim men of feigning interest in non-Muslim women and converting them to Islam.

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