Big Boss 11: Contestants Parents makes them Happy and Emotional

Shilpa Shinde’s mom only had the kindest words for everyone as she entered Bigg Boss 11 house

Shilpa Shinde’s mom only had the kindest words for everyone as she entered Bigg Boss 11 house

While we have seen many physical assaults in previous all seasons, we have never witnessed sexual assault on any woman in the entire season of Bigg Boss. Now, as seen in a video preview of Thursday's episode, Divya finally got a chance to talk to Priyank. Contestants look at Shilpa and her mother, teary-eyed and then she leaves the house. Upon freezing, any one contestant's family member or friend entered the house but nobody was able to react. With just four weeks left for Bigg Boss 11 finale, the housemates get an opportunity to meet their family.

But the most anticipated meeting for viewers is definitely the one with Divya and Priyank. Priyank started crying hearing it and she too couldn't hold back her tears.

There have been reports that Divya has been really upset with Priyank's in-house behavior and even called off their relationship. And Hina tells him to perform for her in front of the cameras and request Bigg Boss to air it. Divya opened her heart out, on how cheated she felt with his behaviour in the house.

She also tells Sharma that it is only Vikas who is his true friend in the house and that he doesn't need any group to survive as he can survive alone as well. She even tells him that he has hurt her a lot. "But for Divya, it definitely was a closure she wanted", added the source. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta had a break down when they saw their respective mothers.

In the promo, Puneesh's father meets Shilpa and tells her that Puneesh's mother wants to meet Shilpa, first.

Divya's hard work paid off and she bagged numerous prestigious beauty pageant including Miss Navi Mumbai (2015), Miss Indian Princess in 2016 and Miss Tourism International India 2016.

Priyank met Divya during Splitsvilla 10, the two were together until Priyank entered Bigg Boss 11.

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