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Rian Johnson Suggests New Star Wars Films Won't Be Set in Old Republic

When news broke that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director was set to map out a whole new trilogy of films away from the Skywalker saga, it didn't take long for a videogame classic to be cited.

Rian Johnson has ruled out using the "Knights of the Old Republic" in his upcoming "Star Wars" trilogy.

Speaking to Uproxx, Johnson said: "I played that game when it first came out and it was like, 'God, I loved it'".

"I hope they'll be happy and inspired and, you know, there's always a little bit of sadness in these movies but I hope the overall thing is it would be a thrilling Star Wars adventure", Johnson said.

"Oh, they love Knights of the Old Republic", Johnson said.

Busy as he is, the Star Wars legend didn't have to visit the boy, but he did anyway, and his kindness and compassion really touched the child and his family. "She has so many questions that she's never been able to ask anyone and so I think that's sad, and then I think there is a sort of stubbornness that will make kids in particular not feel so scared".

The Last Jedi isn't going to give audiences any definite answer to Poe's sexuality. Unlike most movies where a lot of people know all the twists and turns before opening day, Disney and Lucasfilm have done an unbelievable job keeping the secrets of The Last Jedi under wraps. "The trailers have been kind of dark - the movie has that, but I also made a real conscious effort for it to be a riot".

Recently, John Boyega - who stars as Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter Finn in the latest trilogy - revealed he wants to see a Yoda origin story get told. "It's also the Flash Gordon".

So far the Star Wars edition has been officially unveiled for India, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, and there is no mention of whether it will find its way to Europe, other parts of Asia, or North America, but for the sake of Star Wars fans, hopefully it will.

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