Max Hospital found guilty in newborn baby death case

Newborn baby wakes up at own funeral after being pronounced dead by doctors

The Max Hospital in Delhi has sacked two doctors

Max Hospital has been found guilty by the panel made of three doctors to further inquire the case of gross ignorance in the case of an infant declared wrongfully dead by the doctor prescribed to the case.

The newborn, who was declared dead at Max Hospital in New Delhi's Shalimar Bagh but later found alive last week, died during his treatment at another medical facility in Delhi on Wednesday, according to reports. Also the bodies were handed over without written instructions.

Following the incident, Union Health Minister JP Nadda had spoken to the Health Secretary in connection with the hospital's medical negligence.

Meanwhile, the family put their baby boy under the care of a nursing home in New Delhi. The "unfortunate incident" occurred Thursday, according to the USA Today.

After the hospital's negligence became evident, the Delhi-based hospital terminated the services of two doctors involved in the declaration of a 22-week-old premature baby as dead while he was alive.

When India Today sought detailed profiles of doctors Mehta and Gupta from Max, the hospital replied via an email saying, "In response to your first email, please understand that no corporate is authorised to share personal details and contacts of any current or ex-employee and hence on professional and ethical grounds, we can not respond to your query".

Hospital records and surveillance footage is now under review.

Two hours later, doctors declared the baby boy dead, CNN reported Saturday. Even if the baby survives, he/she is specially abled.

The babies were placed in plastic bags and driven to a crematorium - but on the way, the parents discovered the second child was still alive. Approximately, one million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth, World Health Organization says.

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