Google Search Enhances Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panel, Includes PTSD Screening Quiz

Image Google

Image Google

While the changes are small and revolve mostly around relevant and related searches, Google aims to constant improve Search without compromising on the core functionality.

Performance optimizations aside, the app is focused on enabling discovery beyond search.

Featured Snippets (below left) and Knowledge Panels (below right) will also feature related searches, with the former displaying more images. There's also support for trending searches, and you can use voice inputs for search, too.

"We've added more images and related searches inside select Featured Snippets to help you learn even more about your topic, or to discover new things related to your interest", said Google.

Suggested content is also being rolled into Search with a more expansive selection of topics that could easily draw the user into a loop.

Similar to Featured Snippets, Google is making Knowledge Panels on Search appropriate to show related content. If you request a Google Search on Neymar followed by a search for Messi, you will find some other players appearing on the top of the results page, such as Ronaldo and Suarez. For instance, if you search about skiing, Google will provide you with related searches for sports including snowboarding right inside the result.

Having added the "related searches" feature nearly a decade ago, Search today is able to do much more than it was originally catered towards. Google started as an ambitious search engine and it has proven to be the best in the world. By tapping on these additional names, . you can continue your research on soccer stars all during the same search session, all from inside the Google Search results page.

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