Delta flight takes unplanned potty break in Billings

Delta flight takes unplanned potty break in Billings

A Delta Flight Made an Emergency Diversion to Montana for a Bathroom Break

A direct flight from NY to Seattle become indirect when the toilets stopped working and the plane had to stop in Montana for a bathroom break.

Malfunctioning bathrooms on the Boeing 757 caused a real emergency Saturday - forcing the plane to land at Billings Logan International Airport more than halfway through the six-hour flight to Seattle.

While 180 miles north of Billings, Montana, Delta flight DL-453 had an unfortunate realization: All of the bathrooms had stopped functioning, the toilets were full and passengers "needed to "go really bad", according to The Aviation Herald.

There were several "passengers that needed to find a lavatory very urgently", the report stated.

Ground crews then rolled a stairway to the plane so passengers could disembark and relieve themselves of "built-up pressures". Instead, they decided to make a sharp left turn and head hundreds of miles south to Billings Logan International Airport.

The plane's toilets were serviced during the unscheduled stop and the vehicle was refueled so it could take off once the passengers were back aboard. After 30 minutes, the flight landing at the Billings Airport but there was no gate for them to pull into.

The aircraft continued to Seattle after around three hours on the ground, reaching its destination three-and-a-half hours beyond the scheduled landing time.

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