Cinemark announces new subscription service for movie theater fans

How Cinemark Is Looking to Compete With Netflix

Cinemark Introduces Monthly Movie Membership Program, But Is It A Threat To MoviePass?

Helios & Matheson's MoviePass service enables subscribers to see unlimited movies in theaters, with no blackout dates and no contracts, for a monthly fee of $9.95.

Do you enjoy going to the movies? Arclight charges $15 a year for a similar type of program akin to Cinemark's, while AMC has two tiers of their Stubs program: one gratis and a premiere level at $15 a month that includes $5 off Tuesday tickets, free concession upgrades, and a faster means for members to earn points toward free tickets.

You can check out Moviepass' program on their website, and the same for Cinemark.

But Cinemark is hoping the program will compete with the company. For now though they are left to wonder what they can do to counter the Movie Pass model. MoviePass has attempted to crack that code with mixed results and now Cinemark is attempting their own brand of monthly offering. "What we tried to do is design a program not for the person that's coming to the movies five or six times or seven times a month, but for the person that's coming ... four or five times a year", Mark Zoradi, Cinemark's chief executive, told the Dallas Morning News.

The appeal of Movie Club may vary depending on how much a movie ticket is in your neighborhood.

Cinemark's less dramatic savings may make it more sustainable.

At the same time, members will be able to reserve seats and buy tickets in advance with no online fees.

Most studios at the current minute don't mind MoviePass: the app ticket service isn't taking any money out of their pocket -meaning there isn't any negative impact on a major studio's rentals- and any service that encourages moviegoing is good for business. Cinemark may be the first to respond, but it's likely others will follow suit. At a time when the movie industry is in crisis-when the overall box office gross in 2017 now sits at $9.855 billion, down considerably from 2016's $11.375 billion, and endless streaming services tempt consumers to watch at home-any service that gets more people to theaters is a boon for the industry.

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