Target Wallet launched for in-store mobile payment

Target Launches Wallet in the Target App: a Faster, Easier Way to Pay and Save - Target Corporate

Target launches Wallet to combine payment, coupons at checkout

After almost two years since the news broke of its plans to launch its own digital wallet, Target has finally launched Target Wallet, joining the myriad retailers that have gone with their own proprietary mobile payment solution.

This new mobile payment system is part of Target App. Not unlike fellow retailer Walmart, Target has just announced its own Target Wallet system to enable the use of smartphones to pay at checkout counters. At Target (as with Walmart), this is essentially the only way you can do this as the retailer doesn't accept Apple Pay or Android Pay.

If you've been wondering why Target hasn't yet adopted the use of the likes of Apple Pay in its stores, you know have your answer.

Customers simply need to have their phones scanned at checkout in order to pay for their purchases and that's it. Target claims it's four times faster than any other kind of payment. According to the retailer, the feature will eventually roll-out to non-REDcard holders, but gave no timeframe as to when that might be. Paying for items and applying Cartwheel discounts used to take two different steps, but the Wallet allows Target shoppers to simplify those multiple steps into one. "Guests are going to love the convenience of having payment, Cartwheel [a coupon clipping service] offers, Weekly Ad coupons and GiftCards all in one place with Wallet". And, coming soon, guests also will be able to store and redeem Target GiftCards with Wallet. Then again, it helps that Wallet only supports the retailer's own REDcard for the time being - the retailer saves on processing fees by pushing its own card. With only a few weeks left in the year, the retailer officially launched Wallet - available in the Target app for iOS and Android.

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