Samsung Has Begun Production of 512GB Flash Storage For Next Gen Phones

Samsung's new 512GB eUFS V-NAND storage

Samsung starts cranking out 512GB eUFS storage

According to the company, "Consisting of eight 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips and a controller chip, all stacked together, Samsung's new 512GB UFS doubles the density of Samsung's previous 48-layer V-NAND-based 256GB eUFS, in the same amount of space as the 256GB package". To account for the growing storage needs in mobile, Samsung has begun mass producing the industry's first 512-gigabyte (GB) embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution for use in next generation smartphones and tablets.

Samsung didn't say which of its upcoming new phones will get the 512GB eUFS first.

Store approximately 130 4K Ultra HD (3840 × 2160) video clips of a 10-minute duration (10x increase over 64GB eUFS storage).

Even though Samsung is most well known for its flagship phones, it has a massive component business as well.

Would you still be interested in picking up the Galaxy S9 if it shipped with 500GB of internal flash storage instead of a microSD slot?

Shown in the picture is the industry's first 512 GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS), provided by Samsung Electronics Co. on December 5, 2017.

Samsung says that it has introduced a new set of proprietary technologies to maximize performance and energy efficiency. However, that barrier has now been broken as Samsung today has officially announced its new 512GB embedded UFS solution. The controller chip also helps by speeding up the process that converts logical block addresses to physical blocks.

As for raw performance, Samsung's 512GB eUFS boasts sequential read and write speeds of up to 860MB/s and 255MB/s, respectively. Accordingly, users can transmit a 5 GB Full HD video from the device to solid-state drives eight times faster than existing micro SD cards at around six seconds. This will improve the speed of storage-intensive tasks such as high-resolution burst photos, file searches, and downloading videos in dual app mode, the company states. The eUFS' increased storage capacity will provide a much more extensive mobile experience. The company added it would expand production of 256Gb V-NAND chips, while it would be aggressive in ramping up the newer 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips.

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