Overwatch Gets Separate Currency For League Skins

In-game uniforms for the Seoul Dynasty

In-game uniforms for the Seoul Dynasty

The Overwatch League uniform skins will be available for all 26 current heroes, and Blizzard will be giving all PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players one free uniform skin for any character when they go live.

In a video released today, OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer explained that team skins will only be available via a new currency called League Tokens.

Blizzard has spoken more about Overwatch League skins today and how players will be able to acquire them. I've reached out to Blizzard to inquire about token costs and availability, and will update if I receive a reply. Nanzer said that proceeds of the purchase "will provide monetary support for teams in the league".

The system and in-game jerseys will be rolling out in 2018. Nanzer said that Blizzard made a decision to implement this system "to ensure that the correct amounts from your League-related purchases go towards the teams".

The company plans to add another form of currency, League Tokens, that can only be used for League in-game content. Other games, such as League of Legends, do the same and so no one is particularly up in arms about the idea.

Some fans have also suggested that Blizzard should also offer League skins as an incentive for watching Overwatch League livestreams as this would be a great way to get the new eSports initiative off the ground.

When Overwatch League kicks off in early 2018, you'll be able to support your team by buying their representative skin. Redditor fireyREIGN also made life a little easier by assembling the team logos and a sample skin for each into a single image.

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