Instagram now lets you group Stories into Highlights

Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive – Instagram

Instagram now lets you set a semi-permanent 'Story Highlight' on your profile

That Highlight will appear as a Stories-style bubble atop the profile and play like one big Story when tapped by one of your followers.

Meanwhile, Instagram also this week announced that any stories you post will now be automatically saved in the private archive section of your profile when they expire.

You can now archive your Instagram Stories.

The new Instagram alerts come after US Forest Service officials in Lake Tahoe warned park-goers in 2014 against taking selifes with wild bears, because some were putting their lives in danger just to get an Instagram-worthy snap.

It's that sentiment that has driven the biggest Instagram profile update since 2013: as of December 5, users will be able to keep their Stories forever using the new Archive function - and display the ones they're oh so proud of in a brand-new section at the top of each user's profile called Highlights.

The archive is presented in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent stories at the top.

The new update seeks to address those problems by allowing people to hold onto their stories once they are posted. Stories are stamped with a date to help you navigate while you scroll.

Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive – Instagram
Maybe Rethink That #Koalaselfie, Instagram Warns

Instagram has launched radical new changes to profiles, described as being the most dramatic since 2013. You can have as many highlights as you'd like and even have the power to take them down whenever you wish. That consists of an area on people's profiles where they can post their favourite collections.

The first new feature is a Story Archive.

To create a Highlight, tap New on the left of your profile, choose Stories from your archive, choose a cover image for the Highlight, and name it. It might have seemed silly going through the work of shooting Stories and jazzing them up with captions and stickers if they'd disappear the next day.

Together, these features could further encourage Instagram Stories' 300 million users to post more about a wider variety of content, knowing it doesn't have to disappear.

Save Your Work - Archive and Highlights could make investing time in creating Stories feel less wasteful.

If you updated Instagram on iOS and Android today, you may have noticed a few tweaks to Instagram Stories and your profile page.

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