Finland baker turns crushed crickets into bread

Fazer Sirkkaleipa in store on 24 November

Fazer Sirkkaleipa in store on 24 November

The first cricket breads will be available in eleven in-store Fazer bakeries on November 24.

In the beginning of the month Finland and five other European countries officially allowed enterprising people to breed and sell insects as a food product.

According to the United Nations, more than 1,900 species of insect are used for food. Each loaf requires 70 dried crickets, which are then ground and added to flour. The farm-raised crickets represent 3 percent of the bread's weight, Hellstrom said.

FILE: Flour ground from dried crickets and crickets in jars, for the first mass-delivered bread made of insects, are seen at the Finnish food company Fazer bakery in Helsinki, Finland November 23, 2017. We want to boost growth in the bread category with hand-made artisanal bread, also in the future.

Markus Hellström, Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland, explained: "We wanted to be in the forefront of food revolution".

"It offers consumers with a good protein source and also gives them an easy way to familiarise themselves with insect-based food", said Juhani Sibakov, head of innovation at Fazer Bakeries. "It tastes like bread".

In Fazer's footsteps, Finnish companies Kultasuklaa and Entis will launch the sale of crickets coated in chocolate under the "What the Bug" motto by Christmas. According to research, of all the Nordic countries, Finns have the most positive attitudes towards insects.

Meanwhile, the upcoming wave of edible insects in the grocery stores is forecast to induce allergy problems, causing severe anaphylactic reactions among some people.

To prevent this from happening, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira issued a 44-page manual calling on manufacturers to provide all food containing insects or traces thereof with warnings. For example, as one of the main ingredients you will use crickets.

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