LA's pre-Thanksgiving heatwave breaks two records set in 1950

A sunny, cold Thanksgiving on the way

LA's pre-Thanksgiving heatwave breaks two records set in 1950

Temperatures are expected to drop a few degrees Thursday, but it'll still be about 20-25 degrees higher than the average in many communities, National Weather Service meteorologist Rich Thompson said.

The planet broke in 2016 its 3rd annual record consecutive heat with a higher temperature of about 1.1°C with the average of pre-industrial times, according to the world meteorological Organization (WMO).

Luckily for firefighters, who will be on high alert with the soaring temperatures, strong winds that typically trigger red flag warnings are not expected, he said. But 10 miles to the west, in Ventura Harbor, the high for the morning was 65 degrees, NWS reported. Forecasters predicted temperatures in the high 80s and mid-90s throughout the Los Angeles area.

Temperature records were smashed across San Diego County Wednesday as the region hit the expected peak of a mini heat wave.

On the flip side, D.C.'s coldest Thanksgiving was November 27, 1930, when the high temperature only reached 30 degrees (still a record low maximum temperature for the date).

For Thanksgiving day in Phoenix, morning lows will be in the 50s with a high of 88.

In marked contrast, the east coast of the United States is set to shiver its way through Thanksgiving, with temperatures dropping as low as 32°F (0°C) in some parts. The last time Washington saw measurable snow on Thanksgiving Day was almost 30 years ago - in 1989.

The White Thanksgiving of 1989 was also the last time D.C. recorded any accumulating snow in the month of November.

Luckily, there won't be any rain or snow to get in the way of Thanksgiving travel plans this year. No matter how warm or cold it is on Turkey Day, dry weather and sunny skies are definitely something to be thankful for.

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