Snoop Dogg Blasts President Trump Over Marshawn Lynch Tweet

Donald Trump

GETTYDonald Trump has once again hit out at the NFL over their protest

He said Americans should be ashamed of Trump. "Great disrespect! Next time National Football League should suspend him for remainder of season". His Twitter outburst resulted in a higher level of alienation than usual, as even Neil Cavuto told him to start acting more presidential.

After watching a report on ESPN about the Lynch controversy, Snoop Dogg ripped into Trump in a rant filled with expletives.

Warning: The video contains profane language.

"F**k Donald Trump. B***h...they should suspend your dumb ass". Let's suspend your dumb a**, mother f**ker.

Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch may be one of the most misunderstood players in recent National Football League history. All the goofy s**t you do every day. When you gonna get suspended, motherf**ker?

Marshawn Lynch
GETTYMarshawn Lynch takes a knee during the national anthem

Snoop then voiced his support for Marshawn, saying, "I'm with Marshawn Lynch".

Lynch, famous as he is for speaking his mind, was asked about the gift afterwards, and his response did not disappoint, first talking about the Mexican community in the East Bay-where Lynch is from-before speaking fondly (if a bit reductive) about hanging out with his Mexican friends: "I be goin' go fuck with them and hella shit. They the homies. F**k you, Donald Trump, and everything you stand for".

That pretty much solidifies it as one of the most vicious verbal assaults directed toward the president by a celebrity.

Snoop Dogg has made it clear he's not a fan of President Donald Trump, as evidenced by their rocky relationship and one of his latest songs, "Make America Crip Again", a clear barb aimed at the Commander-in-Chief.

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