Hawaiian Hospital Escapee Explains Why He Came to California

Randall Saito being handcuffed by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office

Randall Saito being handcuffed by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office

"The incident is under investigation and details about a patient's status are restricted by state and federal privacy laws specific to individuals receiving mental health and substance abuse treatment", the department said earlier in a statement.

In response to the escape, the state health department increased security measures at the hospital by ceasing all unescorted on-campus and off-campus privileges, suspending visits to the hospital's clubhouse, and reviewing patient privileges and visitation policies. He was arrested in Stockton, California, on Wednesday.

Seven hospital staffers were placed on unpaid leave amid an investigation into the incident, state health officials said.

So he says he devised a plan to escape.

More than a dozen escapes have occurred over the past eight years at a Hawaii psychiatric hospital where a patient described as unsafe walked off the grounds and made it to California before he was captured this week.

Janice Okubo, spokeswoman for the Hawaii State Department of Health, told the AP past year the majority of those who escape are returned within a few days. "Authorities and the public should have been notified much, much sooner".

State Attorney General Douglas Chin described Saito as "dangerous", and issued a $500,000 bench warrant on November 14 for his arrest, charging him with felony escape.

Hawaii State Hospital escapee Randall Saito says he was desperate.

The evaluation said the other three were reportedly with hospital staff members.

Ige said Saito's escape "should never have happened".

"The woman I murdered in 1979, God bless her soul".

Police have determined that, shortly after escaping, Saito took a taxi from Kaneohe to Honolulu, where he chartered a plane to Maui.

The patient, Randall Saito, was arrested in San Joaquin County, California, on Wednesday.

The department posted a photograph on social media showing Saito surrounded by three deputies at a gas station.

That finding was highlighted by the fact hospital staff called 911 to report Saito's disappearance at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday - two hours after he arrived in San Jose and at least eight hours after he disappeared.

A Hawaii psychiatric patient who acknowledges killing a woman almost four decades ago said Thursday he escaped from his hospital and flew to California to prove he could live responsibly in the community.

Saito was acquitted of a 1979 murder by reason of insanity and was committed in 1981, two years after he was acquitted in the killing of Sandra Yamashiro. Saito landed Sunday night and took a cab to a motel.

On Wednesday morning, he was captured in Stockton, Calif. thanks to a tip from a vigilant taxi driver.

Saito was considered "extremely risky and should not be approached", the Honolulu Police Department warned.

Authorities have evidence that Saito's escape was "premeditated", "intentional" and "planned", said Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin.

"Reporter: "$6,000 and how did you get the IDs?" Saito was able to board a commuter plane to Maui, then flew to San Jose before ultimately making his way to Stockton.

However, Saito said that he never saw any family while he was in Northern California even though he wanted to. Police wouldn't provide details about his flight to California.

Hawaii State Hospital Administrator William May said officials are fully cooperating with law enforcement and appropriate steps would be taken if Saito had help from someone inside the facility.

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