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McConnell on Roy Moore Allegations: I Believe The Women; Mounting A Write-In Campaign "An Option"

"Do you believe Roy Moore over the women?"

Media bias continues to be on full display, this time regarding the networks' coverage of the scandal surrounding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore compared to how much focus was given to Sen. "I want to talk about where this country's going, and if we don't come back to God, we're not going anywhere".

He also briefly mentioned the ongoing controversy of the accusations of five women claiming he sexually assaulted them. "But I want to talk about the issues".

The Washington Post revealed allegations from other women who claimed inappropriate sexual contact, including a 14-year-old in 1979, when he as 32.

Moore characterized those allegations as politically motivated, and quipped during his Tuesday night speech that he's the "only one that can unite Democrats and Republicans, because I seem to be opposed by both".

According to a Federal Election Commission the GOP establishment continues to break ties with the Alabama Senate candidate. "I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country", Brooks responded, dodging Llamas' question. "Roy Moore should do what is best for the conservatives of Alabama and step aside".

Over a four-day period from November 9 to November 13, ABC, CBS and NBC dedicated 79 minutes and 42 seconds of morning and evening newscasts to covering the allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore from the 1970s.

Is the burden [of proof] on Moore to prove these [allegations] false, versus someone to prove these are true in this situation?

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