Razer's latest gaming keyboard can survive spilled drinks

Image credit Razer

Razer redesigns its BlackWidow keyboard with IP54 water protection

Generally, we see IP ratings regarding smartphones, with the first number indicating how dust resistant the device is and the second referring to its protection from water. Will you be picking up the IP54 rated water and dust resistant keyboard?

Beyond that, it's a familiar formula: you're getting Razer's mechanical switches (the Green Switch, to be exact) with 10-key anti-ghosting and full programming support.

This means that gamers and casual users of this keyboard will not have to worry about any liquid or food that may spill over the keyboard.

Gaming hardware maker Razer has launched its latest mechanical keyboard, the Razer BlackWindow Ultimate in the United States as the holiday season approaches.

Image credit Razer
New Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Is Water- And Dust-Proof

As with Razer's other PC gaming gear, there's options for customising the look of the keyboard through backlit LED keys.

While the new BlackWidow Ultimate isn't quite at that level, Razer is confident that it is the most resilient board in its arsenal and could perhaps be one of the most protected boards available commercially.

It will retail for US$109 (S$148).

With an IP54 rating, the mechanical keyboard makes use of satisfyingly-clicky Razer Green Switches, with 50 grams of actuation force set to offer precise control. The keys cannot only highlight different color schemes for different games, but can also be programmed to cycle through shades in waves, ripples and other animations.

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