Hundreds attend first service at Sutherland Springs church since mass shooting

America is Not Having Bad Luck With Mass Shootings

Another devastating church shooting in America: how should the church and faith community respond?

The shooting in Sutherland Springs was the first time so many lives were lost in a USA place of worship, and of the 26 people killed in Sutherland Springs, half of them were children.

As church bells called worshipers together across Minnesota on Sunday, the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas, was on the minds of many church leaders. This marked the first time that the church opened since it was attacked by a masked gunman who was identified as Devin P. Kelley.

I recently appeared on Moody Radio's "Equipped with Chris Brooks" program to discuss how people can help in the wake of the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Organizers say their fundraiser barbecue has raised more than $50,000 for the families of those killed in a mass shooting at a Texas church.

"We're just kind of in the beginning stages of communicating amongst everyone in the church and seeing how they want to handle it as well as what type of training is needed to kind of make everything mesh correctly", he said.

"I know everyone who lost their life that day, some of which were my best friends, and my daughter", Pomeroy said, according to Gospel Herald.

It was also almost word-for-word the same as the tweet he had posted about the Sutherland Springs shooting shortly after it happened.

Church officials had expected about 500 people to attend Sunday's service but dozens more chairs were added.

Twitter users quickly slammed Trump with many calling out his inability to remember each mass shooting that has taken place this year.

"Especially with what happened in Texas and the church in Alabama, you don't think a small town is going to experience that but they do", said churchgoer James Nofsinger.

"Rather than choose darkness as that young man did that day, we choose life", said Pomeroy, whose 14-year-old daughter was among those killed in the November 5 rampage.

The congregation held the service at a baseball field, setting up folding chairs under a large white tent.

Members of the media asked Collins if the almost 100-year-old church building will stay. "And I guarantee without any shadow of a doubt they are dancing with Jesus today".

The front three rows were reserved for survivors of the attack and the families of those killed.

The frightful tragedy at First Baptist Church in Texas has sent ripples of fear through churches across the United States. Some are hugging and others are praying or sitting quietly. They should also consider a public health approach to the issue, similar to what has been done to regulate cars, as suggested by The New York Times.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn spoke at the service, saying lives were stolen as darkness overtook one man's heart.

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