Vidya Balan On Why Indian Culture Considers Sex Taboo

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Actress Vidya Balan who is now busy with the promotion of her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu was asked a question about her weight during a media interaction and the actress retorted with a flawless reply. Is she planning to change the genre and lose some weight? Do you think this role can not be played by a woman with a lean body?

The question left Vidya shocked and she was quick in giving a strong response when she said: "I'm very happy with what I'm doing".

"Humne aapki jitni bhi filmein dekhi hai, saari women-centric hai".

The reporter asked Vidya, "All your films that we have seen so far, have been women-centric films".

"Reporter: ".no, I mean, glamorous roles".

Vidya Balan has been on the receiving end of flak for her weight issues for a long time now.

Vidya Balan made her acting debut with TV show Hum Paanch. The film's story revolves around a middle-aged housemaker Sulochona aka Sulu, who is a happy-go-lucky person with a mantra: "Sometimes you don't need wings to fly".

Secondly, in which universe is "women-centric" and "glamorous" mutually exclusive?

Thirdly, consent and choice make all the difference here (even if you argue said reporter is merely naive and unaware, and not sexist). As journalists, we can ask her questions, sure, but to put a mike on someone's face and ask them about weightloss is just plain insensitive.

Did you like Vidya's reply?

Sadly, Youtube commenters seem to have a whole other point of view.

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