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Tehran has dismissed calls to negotiate its ballistic activities voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron, who earlier considered amendments to the nuclear deal over Iran's missile program, and even sanctions "if necessary".

Iran has repeatedly told French officials that the agreement is "not renegotiable and Iran doesn't allow the other sides to annex other issues to it", Qassemi stated.

"We expect France not to get inculcated by the wrong instructions of some Persian Gulf states against the Islamic Republic of Iran", said Qassemi after urging French President Macron to be fair, realistic, and far-sighted in dealing with the developments of the sensitive regions of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. He then mentioned that "there are extremely strong concerns about Iran" among its Arab neighbors in the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia and its allies also accuse Iran of supplying weapons to the Houthi rebels, saying the arms were not present in Yemen before conflict broke out in 2015.

"UN reports on exacerbating humanitarian crisis in Yemen should not be ignored", said Mr. Qassemi expressing deep regret at how the westerners have undertaken a meaningful silence over Saudi crimes in Yemen, incessant bombarding of civilian centers and venues, and the ruthless murder of women, children, and the innocent.

"Saudi Arabia's announcement confirms once again the Iranian regime's complete disregard for its worldwide obligations", she said in a statement released Tuesday.

The incident is a "part of this ballistic activity of Iran in the region, which is not covered by the [nuclear] deal", Macron told the Times.

"What we have seen, clearly from the results of the ballistic missile attacks, that there have been Iranian markings on those missiles, that's been demonstrated", Harrigian said.

France has been trying to save the nuclear deal which Iran signed with six world powers - Britain, China, Germany, France, Russia and the United States.

The French head of state has made efforts to preserve the deal, telling Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, last month, that France remained committed to the deal while stressing the need for dialogue.

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