Texas prosecutor fired after Uber rant caught on camera

An Uber driver claimed a Dallas prosecutor hit him and accused him of kidnapping her

An Uber driver claimed a Dallas prosecutor hit him and accused him of kidnapping her

'I said, "Should I make a left up here?' and she refused to answer me," explained Platt. Platt added that she told him, "Who are they going to believe? I was trying to be nice to you".

'Then we'll wait for the cops, Jesus Christ, you're a [expletive] idiot in a stupid [expletive] hat, ' the Dallas prosecutor continues.

She also slapped him on the shoulder, which prompted the driver to pull over on the side of the road and ask the passenger to exit the vehicle.

Platt alleged that Warner seemed to get angrier on the ride and things escalated after he got lost when she told him to follow a route that was different from the Global Positioning System directions. "You're committing a third- to first-degree felony".

The incident happened last Friday night when Warner, who admitted to drinking a bit too much, called for an Uber to take her back home from a pub.

"Ma'am, will you please leave my vehicle", Platt says. "I gave her a chance and she kept saying she was a DA and I didn't want to get her in trouble".

In the audio, which you can listen to above, the Uber driver says he's waiting for the cops and asks her politely to get out of his vehicle. You or me?' " Platt told ABC. Warner stayed and waited for the police to show up. "I'm a district attorney". "I think this might be kidnapping right now, actually", Warner said in the recording. Warner had accused Platt of refusing to take her home, beacuse he was allegedly not following the directions given by his navigational device.

He reported the incident to Uber, anxious that his passenger would follow through with her threats, and said he only wanted an apology from Warner for "belittling" him and "way worse". She also says she is an assistant district attorney, and that he's kidnapping her because he didn't take her to her requested destination. Overnight, Warner denied she ever hit Platt.

'After careful consideration and a thorough investigation, I have made a decision to terminate Ms. Warner.

Platt said he was sorry the altercation "cost [Warner] her job". No criminal charges have been filed.

The DA continued, "As public servants, we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples, of justice, professionalism, and ethical behavior both inside and outside of the courtroom".

Warner worked for the district attorney's office for six years and prosecuted cases in the crimes against children unit. The heated encounter between Jody Warner and driver Shaun Platt was caught on camera, and Warner addressed the situation publicly. I will not waiver on my expectation of the highest integrity for myself or my staff. Pete Schulte, a former Dallas County prosecutor, wrote about the situation on Twitter, and he came to Warner's defense.

He says he does not want Warner to lose her job. "Jody is an honorable prosecutor and the Dallas Co DAs office is lucky to have her".

The woman proceeds to tell the driver that "everything's being recorded" as he continues to ask her to just get out of the vehicle.

Warner in turn took exception to Platt, telling the man, he was 'never going to work again' and that she 'knows people, ' according to the Uber driver. "I'm sure she's a good person when she's sober".

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