Photo Of Cashier Helping Old Man Count Coins Goes Viral

Patient Cashier Helps A Nervous Shopper. Moving Post About Them Is Viral

The heartwarming post is making many smile

He looked back at her and said, "I'm sorry" before taking handfuls of change out of his pocket.

Spring Bowlin was waiting in the checkout line while on her lunch break when she witnessed the exchange.

"He miscounts and starts to get flustered", Bowlin said.

Bowlin said the man's voice and hands were shaking, and what the cashier did next made her smile. As she was standing in line at the check-out, she noticed the older man in front of her struggling to pay.

Eventually, they were able to get the man's transaction taken care of and Bowlin said he shuffled away. That's when the cashier took his hand and dumped the change on the counter.

That's when Bowlin snapped a photo of the man and the cashier working together to count the coins.

That customer behind him walked up with her items and said to the cashier, "Thank you for being so patient with him".

Shared on November 10, the post has collected over 32,000 reactions and more than 19,000 shares on the social networking site.

"This is not a problem, honey".

"He continues to apologize to both of us as we reassure him it's ok", Bowlin writes.

The cashier replied, "You shouldn't have to thank me, baby".

Bowlin posted the photo on November 9 with details of the incident on his Facebook page.

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