Messenger Day nixed as Facebook pushes Stories feature

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In fact, Instagram is already testing a feature that lets users cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories - and with Facebook Stories now syncing with Messenger, your day can now be shared across all of your social networks. Gone are the days of tediously reuploading your Story on each and every platform and app on your phone; you can now choose to upload your Story to both Facebook and Messenger at the very same time, or have your Instagram story instantly appear across all your feeds.

Connor Hayes-Product Manager-Facebook, while talking to the representatives of TechCrunch informed that the stories are being consolidated to make it much simpler for people to share stories across various applications.

That's not all, along with the new changes, Facebook is also killing off its Facebook Direct disappearing message feature. Now, Facebook Stories will be synced across both platforms, although camera filters will still remain separate.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook will kill off the Messenger Day brand, and merge the feature with Facebook Stories. "We've learned a lot since we launched Stories on Facebook in March", he said. "All you have to do is select from one of these audience settings on either Facebook or Messenger, and any changes you make from your existing audience settings will update across the other". Instead, all the responses, stories, and Facebook camera texts would be routed via Messenger. It was a huge success with many users posting 24-hour stories to their Instagram. However, Stories from those spots won't be available in Messenger.

While Facebook is streamlining many facets of Stories, there is one thing it is adding: collaborative Stories for events. This feature would allow people to jointly contribute to one single story for any event, under the supervision of the event's admin.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also launching Facebook Stories for its stripped app for the developing world, Facebook Lite.

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