Mahira Khan's 'Verna' banned in Pakistan?

Did Mahira Khan's Verna get banned in Pakistan?

Mahira Khan's 'Verna' banned in Pakistan?

Nothing has been decided and the film is not banned so far.

After Khuda Ke Liye and Bol, Verna is Shoaib Mansoor's third feature film, in which he continues his exploration of Pakistan's social ills with a story of a rape survivor's quest for justice.

The SBFC secretary general said that the movie hasn't yet been issued censor certificate as the board is waiting for the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) to opine about it and deliver its verdict accordingly.

The movie tackles the subject to rape and how the protagonist fights for her rights. Many can't believe such a thing would even be possible. Shoaib Mansoor, director of the film, apparently issued a statement which has him appealing to the board to let the film release.

The film stars Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid and Zarrar Khan in main roles.

While people are counting days on the back of their hands for Verna's release that is scheduled for 17th Nov, dense clouds of tensions prevailing over the movie team might just escalate tensions to another level. "We will view it and come to a final decision soon", the CBFC Chairman Mubashir Hasan said according to The Express Tribune. We have failed to understand what censor board has found objectionable in Verna, she added.

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