Hyderabad-bound Indigo flight hits a wild boar during takeoff at Vizag

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IndiGo flight hits wild boar at Visakhapatnam airport, passengers safe 

"After all the required inspections undertaken by the engineering team, the flight safely took off again", the statement said.

Almost 160 passengers and crew on board a Hyderabad-bound IndiGo flight from Visakhapatnam had a narrow escape when a wild boar strayed onto the runway and came under the aircraft when it was in the last stage of taxiing. After the incident crew members called the ATC (Air Traffic Control) for clearing carcass and let the way for the flight to touch down. In a statement, IndiGo said, "Flight 6E-742 from Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad hit a wild boar on the runway during take-off".

But the pilot could not land the flight immediately, as the rear wheel was damaged in the run-in and failed to retract.

"Adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs), the captain immediately reported the matter to indigo-flight-hits-wild-boar-vizag (ATC) of Vizag and made a decision to hold over at Vishakhapatnam", a statement by Indigo said. The troubled not yet stopped pilot flew the plane for 45 minutes to burn fuel.

"The pilots decided it would be unsafe to land the plane with the fuel tank full and flew over the sea for 45 minutes burning fuel before landing back at Vizag airport", the IndiGo statement read.

The wild boar that strayed into the runway in the dark came under the rear wheel of the aircraft at around 10.30 pm, the scheduled take-off time. There were no compound walls at the airport at that time. Otherwise, it is impossible to enter the airport. Now, the wild boar menace is serious. The flight finally took off at about 1 am. "We will bring this to the notice of the civil aviation ministry and airport authorities to take immediate measures for safeguarding the welfare of air travellers", Varada Reddy was quoted as saying.

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