FX Drops Louis CK from All Projects, Cancels Overall Deal


Louis C.K. was canned by FX amid a sexual misconduct scandal involving the comedian

It described an incident at the Aspen Comedy Festival where he started masturbating in front of two female comedians who had joined him in his room, blocking the door until he finished. My boyfriend at the time had come to the open mic with me, and I felt like my proximity to such a universally respected celebrity legitimized my modest comedy career in his eyes. That's nothing to me. Before taking a shot with FX, C.K. had tried with "Lucky Louie" at HBO and failed. "This is inexcusable and he needs to address it", Michael Ian Black tweeted. "Well, you can't touch stuff like that". In it, he says, "I have been remorseful of my actions".

"I wanted to sort of pretend like it never happened", she said. And I can hardly wrap my head around the scope of hurt I brought on them. But the fact that you couldn't discuss any aspect of C.K.'s life or work without somebody cracking a joke about his supposed compulsions speaks to how widespread the rumors were: Everyone generally thought he was up to something, and it was a joke we were all in on. "All I know is that, I know about him as being my partner on a show that is the opposite of any of this kind of awful, negative things". It's serious to be harassed.

Beyond that, Louis C.K.'s response to Thursday's New York Times story, in which multiple women accuse the actor of masturbating in front of them, isn't worth the ticker-tape parade some folks appear to be organizing.

Network FX has already cut ties with C.K.

Tig Notaro told the Times in an email, "He released my album to cover his tracks".

"Now is not the time for him to make television shows".

My family and I are devastated and in shock after the admission of abhorrent behavior by my friend and partner, Louis C.K.

I've been a stand-up comedian since 2011, and since at least 2012, when Gawker published a "blind item" strongly insinuating that Louis C.K. masturbated in front of nonconsenting women, comedians have joked about it with each other. The excuses given for both were "unforeseen circumstances". "That said, the matter is now under review". Even the NYT story that blew him up yesterday reported that he reached out to some of the women he'd victimized over the years and apologized privately. He is now under fire after five women claimed in the Times that he either masturbated in front of them, asked them to watch him masturbate, or masturbated while on the phone with them, a pattern of inappropriate behavior that allegedly went on for years. Distribution company the Orchard canceled its premiere ahead of the Times piece, and announced that it is "giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation".

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