Colts Blasted by Concussion Doctor Over Handling of Jacoby Brissett Concussion (TWEETS)

Jacoby Brissett slides to a first down in front of Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Mike Hilton during the first half of an NFL football game in Indianapolis on Sunday

How Was Jacoby Brissett Allowed To Come Back In After Brutal Hit To Head?

Brissett took a helmet-to-helmet hit to the head from Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt on a 3-yard run late in the third quarter of the Steelers 20-17 win.

Brissett immediately grabbed the back of his head. Brissett jogged off the field.

After watching Brissett walk woozily to the sideline, only to return for the Colts' next offensive possession, Nowinski ripped the NFL's concussion protocol and wrote that Brissett should've been permanently pulled from the game.

It was revealed after the game that Brissett began to develop symptoms later and now has entered the concussion protocol.

But of course, Nowinski's point is that the concussion protocol is garbage if it can't keep a guy with a concussion off the field. The Colts released a statement Sunday that went into detail about what transpired.

Brissett, however, didn't miss a snap, as he was tested by an independent neurologist and cleared to go back into the game on the next series.

Due to his newly-diagnosed injury, Brissett wasn't required to meet with the media after the loss, which left Colts coach Chuck Pagano trying to explain why Brissett was allowed to return to the game.

Wilson absorbed a helmet-to-helmet hit to the chin from Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby and was sent off the field for an evaluation by referee Walt Anderson. After lying motionless on the field for a few moments, Brissett was helped off the field and escorted to the concussion tent.

The Seahawks could be subject to a fine of up to $150,000.

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