Triple H To Face Jinder Mahal In India

Triple H said he will step into the ring in New Delhi

Triple H said he will step into the ring in New Delhi

"It will be Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal, the former WWE champion against the King of Kings, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin", Triple H said. It gives fans in India a huge bout the WWE can promote while keeping Mahal front and center and it also allows the WWE to put on a main event the fans have on their list of dream matches.

Will Triple H and Jinder Mahal battle in New Delhi's Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on Saturday, 9 December?

"I decided India that if you want it bad enough, I will reply you". Confident that he can not be defeated in India, Mahal made it clear that he relishes the idea of the match and spoke to the WWE Universe to make their thoughts known. It's up to the WWE Universe in India to decide, but the prospect of a match between The King of Kings and The Modern Day Maharaja sounds too good to pass up. But I must warn you Triple may be the King of Kings but I'm The Modern Day Maharaja and I'm simply unstoppable when I have my people with me. After months of an interminable Jinder Mahal reign, said era is now, at least for the time being, over.

Calling it the biggest match in Indian history, Triple H said that he could compete but the question is if India and Jinder Mahal are ready for it.

Triple H meeting Mahal solves a lot of problems. However, he is having a resurgence in the ring this year. Whether Owens will still be on the tour (and who Mahal will be facing on the 8th if he isn't) hasn't been announced yet.

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