LeBron James, Cavaliers ride the NY subway before game against Knicks

Isaiah Thomas Cavs

According To Simulations, Cleveland Have A Minuscule Chance To Make The Playoffs

The alternative was a 45-minute bus ride, which James said he didn't fancy in a video posted on the his digital company's "Uninterrupted" Twitter account.

According to basketball-reference.com's Playoff Probabilities Report - a table which simulates each teams remaining schedule 7,500 times and spits out a variety of numbers - the Cleveland Cavaliers only have an 8% chance of making the playoffs at the end of the season.

"Can you not", the passenger said and then moved seats.

Must've been a Knicks fan.

Cleveland faces the New York Knicks Monday evening, but took some time to be "like real citizens", according to J.R. Smith.

It's unclear what train the Cavs were getting on at the 34th Street-Penn Station stop.

NY got the best of Cleveland earlier this season, demolishing LeBron James and company by a score of 114-95 at Quicken Loans Arena.

Another video was shown on the NBA's Instagram showing the team walking the streets of the city back to the hotel following their train ride.

Isaiah Thomas "knew" Boston would be a good team, but even he's surprised by the Celtics' 12-game winning streak.

One New Yorker sitting next to James wasn't enthused by the experience. The Cavaliers are in town on Monday, so LeBron's comments should give the Knicks plenty of bulletin-board material.

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