Google's Pixel Buds are now shipping from the Google Store

Google Pixel 2 issue makes Assistant unavailable with Bluetooth headphones

Latest Pixel 2 bug prevents Assistant from working on Bluetooth headphones

The Pixel 2 XL comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and the iPhone X comes with iOS 11, both devices comes with an OLED display with the Pixel featuring a P-OLED display.

As reported by Engadget, Google Pixel 2 XL owners are now complaining about the lack of response when pressing on the display edges. But Google took things to a whole new level with the Pixel 2: it didn't even include a cheap pair of USB-C headphones.

The bad news is that if you didn't drop $159 back in early October, sight-unseen, and now you're regretting that decision, it'll be over a month until new Pixel Bud orders start shipping, according to Google's retail site. Now, multiple users have experienced trouble in operating the Google Assistant via Bluetooth headphones in Pixel 2 devices, however, Pixel 2 XL customers have reported unresponsive touch near the edges of the display. However, tapping on the edges is not always detected by the handset. The assumption is that the issue causing the problem is overzealous accidental touch protection logic, something easily fixable with an OTA update.

Google remains unavailable for comment on the issue. There were also some users who experienced possible screen burn-ins, which Google has also fixed through a recent software update.

Judging by the fact that an official Google Community Manager has responded to say a fix is in the works, this sounds like a genuine issue that Google is acknowledging.

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