Apple rolls out iOS update to fix autocorrect bug

A look at the iPhone glitch that wreaked havoc on the letter

A look at the iPhone glitch that wreaked havoc on the letter"I during the week

As with every iPhone launch, a few issues have popped up affecting early iPhone X customers. Apple released iOS 11.1.1 on Thursday, which fixed an autocorrect bug that caused the letter "i" to change to an "a" and a question mark symbol.

Apple has responded in a statement to The Loop.

It has been incredibly annoying to many, but on Saturday during Ohio State's 48-3 beatdown of Michigan State, the Buckeye student section decided to make clever use of the error.

While Ohio State beat Michigan State by 48-3, the clever stunt by the students became the highlight of the game.

While Apple has been reportedly replacing all affected units free of charge, several consumers complained on Twitter about receiving slow or lackluster service.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone from the Cupertino-based company to feature an OLED display. While OLED displays have better color balance than IPS LCD displays, they have a shorter life and die out pixel by pixel.

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Some users also add that the green line wasn't present on the device right from the beginning but had developed in some days or weeks.

Apple, on its support page, put up a temporary fix for those frantically seeking a solution to this issue.

Unfortunately, this user isn't alone and another example of the issue can be seen below.

Freezing issue: The device takes time to adjust to a sudden change in temperature - it works normally indoors but as soon as a user takes it to a cold outdoor environment, it stops working for some time. You can be sure Apple are already looking into this, and coming up with a fix. Although some users appear to be experiencing the issue with any kind of sounds such as including phone calls, music, and ringtones.

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