Amazon Looks To Mount Free, Ad-Supported Version Of Prime

Report: Amazon is Working on A FREE Ad-Supported Version of Prime Video

Reports of a free, ad-supported Amazon video service resurface

Amazon is reportedly developing a free, ad-supported streaming video service to complement its existing Prime Video offering.

According to a report in AdAge based on unnamed sources in entertainment and advertising, the company is talking with a range of potential content partners across the film and TV landscape about a companion to the subscription version of Prime. It sounds like the new service could be a separate entity from Amazon's current Prime Video service, rather than simply the same service with commercial interruptions.

United Kingdom residents pay £7.99 a month for Amazon Prime, which promises next day delivery and entitles Prime subscribers to Amazon's video streaming service.

This is not the first time Amazon has been reported to have something like this in development, however. Amazon would link payments for channels and programmes based on the number of hours people watch. The company already ran a fully-ad-supported show, "The Fashion Fund", a year ago, which was available for anyone to watch free - and didn't strip out any ads even if you were a Prime member. The company is said to be in discussion with various studio and TV networks to provide content for the service, which aims to give content creators their own channels where ad revenue would be shared with Amazon. Amazon is apparently planning a much more lucrative deal to content owners.

As to what content we should expect to see on a free Prime Video service, expect a little of everything from children's programming, travel, and cooking, to classic TV shows and the thousands of old movies the studios have to offer.

Amazon has not yet commented on this report. It's not for lack of trying, Amazon executives are pushing extremely hard on their Prime Video catalog development, with big budgets and brand name celebrities, but Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, is still rumored to have burst into the Prime offices demanding a "Game of Thrones" hit.

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