10-Month old baby weighs like a 9-year-old child

Father Mario said it is becoming difficult to lift or hold his son because of his weight

Father Mario said it is becoming difficult to lift or hold his son because of his weight

Luis Manuel Gonzales is ten months old but weighs as heavy as a nine-year-old, puzzling his parents and doctors alike, who have yet to come up with an explanation for his condition. This way, they get exposed to high risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Later at two months, Luis's weight reach up to 22 lbs which let his parents in great tension.

Luis Manuel Gonzales weighs 62 pounds and doctors are unable to explain the mystery behind his excessive weight.

"I thought it was because I had good breast milk", Isabel said, adding it was later revealed her son was suffering from a rare weight gain condition that has the baby now dwarf his brother Mario, who is almost three years old.

Before the doctor says that Luis might be suffering from a Prader-Willi Syndrome in which the patient starts getting eager for food.

Gonzales' mother, Isabel Pantoja, 24, is from Colima, Mexico.

At birth Luis weighed 3.5kg (8lbs), about the same as his brother Mario, who is nearly three but is now dwarfed by his baby brother.

His parents set-up a Facebook page and opened a bank account for people to donate money for Luis Manuel's medical care.

Family members take turns pushing the boy to his hospital appointments four times a week in a battered push-chair.

It hurts to watch the nurses search among the rolls of fat on his arms for a vein, said his father, Mario Gonzales. This left the family with plenty of financial issues, as a shot costs them around $555.

His family said one-day his pram collapsed due to Luis's hefty sizet.

During an interview with the parents, Luis Manuel giggled when his feet were tickled. And he observed everything with a keen, alert eye.

The baby cannot walk or even crawl, he can only sit and has to be carried everywhere.

Pantoja said he is becoming exhausted from carrying him so much, despite being a well-built man who works at a juice plant.

When Luis was born, he - just like his older brother Mario - weighed 8 pounds, which is considered to be in the range of healthy sizes for newborn babies.

Silvia Orozco, a doctor specializing in nutrition, took notice of the case and chose to help out.

If so - pending the results of tissue samples being done in the USA - he could be helped with a different kind of hormone shot that would kick-start his metabolic glands.

A number of doctors believe Luis may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a complex genetic disorder that is caused by the loss of function of specific genes.

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