Orbital ATK CRS-8 Prelaunch Mission Status Briefing

Credit NASA  Patrick Black

Credit NASA Patrick Black

The rocket is carrying the International Space Station-bound Cygnus cargo spacecraft.

With Saturday's scrub, the Cygnus supply ship's arrival at the space station will move back one day until Tuesday.

All systems were "green" for launch until a plane was spotted violating the launch zone, forcing a NASA mission controller to call "abort, abort, abort" and dashing hopes at the space agency and at Orbital ATK, where engineers and technicians had been working all night to prepare for it. ISS launches have only a brief window of opportunity.

Crews aboard ISS will use a robotic arm to "capture" the spacecraft after it detaches from the rocket. Some of those items include an experiment to test out antibiotic resistance in microgravity, as well as an experimental hybrid solar panel that doubles as a communication antenna.

The Antares launch operates under a commercial license issued by Federal Aviation Administration, which oversees the flight to ensure public safety. The first and most reliable and accessible way is via a live stream that will be available online as well as at the bottom of this article. The coverage of the launch will begin around 1:15 a.m. on the Ustream channel, but not until 7 a.m. EST on NASA's channels. The visitor center sits about four miles from the actual launch pads and there's a clear view of the launch from the ground to the sky.

At the time, NASA had been anxious that its other commercial resupplier, SpaceX, might not be available for resupply missions after grounding its flights in the wake of a failure. If the weather conditions are clear as expected, those living along the East Coast may be able to see the launch if the rising Sun doesn't get in the way.

If the launch goes ahead as scheduled, the cargo ship should arrive at the orbiting outpost on November 13.

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