YouTube Kids Now Allow Kids to Update their Own Profiles

New YouTube Kids Update Provides Custom Experiences For Children Of Different Ages

YouTube Kids 3.0 adds 'tailored' UI that adapts to children's ages, new profiles, and more

The biggest addition this time around is the ability to add multiple users/profiles to YouTube Kids.

The children's app is probably a good choice for children seeing how earlier this year reports surfaced how disturbing content was being passed-off as innocent cartoons for kids. Now, each of your children can have their own custom profile so they'll only see the shows they want to watch and not what their brother or sister is interested in.

YouTube has been steadily improving its Kids app for youngsters lately, and now Mountain View is giving it a bit of a revamp.

A heap of new features to make YouTube Kids more enjoyable and safe for your young ones. In the new updates, the parents can now sign in with their Google account to create customizable profiles for their child or children.

As a result of knowing ages, YouTube Kids will adapt the user interface. In the new profiles the younger kids will see an app with less text while the older kids will see more content on the home screen of the app. kids with siblings can choose to set their own passcodes to keep others away from their own account, whereas parents can override.

All of these new features are rolling out to YouTube Kids starting today. The announcement teases that soon parents will be able to bring more videos into the Kids app, specifically mentioning stuff for tweens.

YouTube Kids may have some bugs but has proven a popular app. YouTube says that it now has 11 million weekly active viewers and has gained 70 billion views.

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