Samsung Experience 9.0 brings Android Oreo 8.0 beta to select users

Samsung Galaxy S8 all set for Android 8.0 Oreo Beta update

How to get Samsung's Android Oreo beta on the Galaxy S8 right now

As for now, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners in the USA, the United Kingdom and South Korea can enjoy the beta testing for Oreo as the final Android software upgrade is still a long way to go. Only South Korean, US and UK Galaxy S8 users will get to preview the upcoming Samsung Experience 9.0.

In the United States, eligible devices are those under mobile carriers Sprint and T-Mobile as well as unlocked versions.

To try out the beta, you will need a Samsung Account.

Samsung has made available the beta version to gather helpful feedback and positive insight from users. Vaguely referred to as the "Samsung Experience 9.0", it appears to be the operating system intended for next year's Galaxy S9 smartphone.

"Samsung Experience" 9.0 is based on the latest version of the OS built on the Android Oreo UI and UX and will feature on the next flagship Galaxy device.

There's little information about what the beta includes as far as features go. Androids instant app support along with enhanced auto fills and color distinction are expected to be part of the update.

Launch the Samsung Members or Samsung+ app and select Register Galaxy Beta Program. It'll be interesting to see what Samsung has in store; especially with this new policy of using open betas to collect feedback - like it did with the Bixby voice assistant.

Samsung might be closing down the registration soon enough the number of testers reaches the cap.

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