Egypt agency seeks action against lawyer over rape remarks

Woman in ripped jeans

GETTYHe said ripped jeans counted as revealing clothing

El-Wahsh said on a TV talk show aired October 19 that harassing or raping women wearing ripped jeans is a "national duty".

Guests on the Infrad Show on satellite channel Al-Assema were discussing laws on fighting prostitution when the heated debate unfolded on a woman "walking with half her bottom showing".

They have prompted fury across the country and the world amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal and allegations now rocking Westminster.

But despite the backlash, Wahsh has refused to back down, and has even released an updated statement to another media website where he said "his daughter would also deserve that [rape, sexual harassment] if she chose to wear jeans that are ripped from the back".

Furious over the comments made by Nabih, Egypt's National Council for Women said that it would file a complaint with the attorney general against Wahsh and the TV channel for airing remarks that incite violence against women.

Mr al-Wahsh has previously stated his opposition to women serving as judges - arguing if women become judges they could also become muftis, a Muslim legal expert who has the power to give rulings on religious issues.

The conservative lawyer got aggressive at a point during the discussion and said women who wear ripped jeans deserved to be sexually harassed and raped.

"Why don't we all just go to Hell?!"

Al-Wahsh's comments come directly on the heels of an global poll that recently named Cairo the "most dangerous" big city for women.

"Girls must respect themselves so others respect them", he added.

A further 43 per cent of men in Egypt believe that women like the attention and they appreciate being sexually harassed.

Women's rights campaigners in Cairo blame centuries-old traditions for the discrimination there, with any progressive steps to help women extremely hard.

France 24 reports that Cairo came in last of 19 megacities for its ability to protect women from harassment and rape on its streets.

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