Warner Bros. Has Officially Confirmed That Lego Dimensions Is Discontinued

LEGO Dimensions

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After various reports, Warner Bros. has confirmed that content support for LEGO Dimensions will end a year earlier than originally intended.

It's a bit of a shame, considering that Lego Dimensions was a great series when it came to supporting current franchises on the market. Existing expansion packs will continue to be sold, and ongoing server and customer support will continue to be available. For two years, it was one of the coolest toys-to-life games out there. Publisher Warner Bros. confirmed to IGN that developer TT Games isn't working on any new expansion packs, beyond those now available. Interactive, Lego Dimensions' developer Traveller's Tales - known for nearly every official Lego game to date - and the Lego Group itself, the partners wrote directly to its fans, thanking them for their continued support since the game's launch in 2015. Year three would have reportedly reintroduced a storyline featuring series villain Lord Vortech, a Minecraft expansion, and a potential Doctor Who pack.

LEGO Dimensions joins Disney Infinity as the latest toys-to-life game to wind down. Regardless, I am sorry to anyone that enjoyed this game and am saddened to see such an unsure future for toys-to-life games.

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