Body of small child found in Texas, possibly Sherin Mathews

Police Child’s Body Found While Searching For Missing Toddler	 	 	 			CBS

Police Child’s Body Found While Searching For Missing Toddler CBS

A body has been found in the search for a missing 3-year-old girl. They are awaiting positive identification and for an autopsy to determine what killed the child. Police are waiting for the FBI Evidence Recovery Team to respond. Wesley is on bond, being tracked with a Global Positioning System monitor.

Her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, was arrested following her disappearance and charged with abandoning or endangering a child.

Wesley, 37, said when he checked on her 15 minutes later, she was gone. She had to be fed whenever she was awake, Perlich said, and wasn't cooperating when her father tried to feed her.

As the sun set on the sixteenth day since Sherin Mathews was last seen, hundreds gathered to process the news together. Sini Mathews told police she had been sleeping at the time Sherin went missing. The condition of the body has not been released and no arrests have been made. Her disappearance had distressed thousands and many had joined the search operations.

The location where the body was found is close to the Matthews' home, according to Dallas News. "We're absolutely devastated right now", said Prussack.

CPS told local media that they have had prior contact with the Mathews family before Sherin vanished, but provided no further details. "I don't know what happened".

Police have also taken DNA swabs, receipts, grass and other debris from three vehicles belonging to the Mathews family, according to reports.

CBS DFW reports that the Wesleys are no longer cooperating with law enforcement. Sherin's parents are due in court on Monday to regain custody of her four-year-old sister, who was removed from the home by Child Protective Services. It could not be determined whether Wesley Mathews was represented by an attorney. She was last seen wearing black leggings, a pink shirt and pink flip-flops. According to investigators, Sherin "suffers from developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills".

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