O'Reilly Struck $32M Settlement In January Over Harassment Allegations

NYT: O'Reilly Struck $32M Settlement In January Over Harassment Allegations

O'Reilly struck $32M sexual harassment settlement while at Fox News: report

"After 15 years on the air as a legal analyst for Fox News, I have chose to leave Fox to devote myself to my writing and other pursuits", Wiehl wrote in an email to colleagues on January 18.

Since-fired Fox News star Bill O'Reilly settled a staggering $32 million sexual harassment suit mere weeks before signing a four-year, $100 million contract extension. "I have never mistreated anyone", he said, suggesting that his downfall was "politically and financially motivated".

O'Reilly also claimed that he could definitely disprove all these claims against him but that he didn't want to for the sake of his children, which makes total sense.

"That's it", he said.

"She replied, I know you did, I know". "That's why I did it". 21st Century Fox confirmed the settlement to the Times but wouldn't speak to the dollar amount.

If the Times' figure is accurate, the latest settlement exceeds all of the previous agreements between O'Reilly and his accusers.

As other accusations swirled around FNC before, during and since, O'Reilly was finally canned after it was revealed that over $10 million had been paid out to settle other sexual harassment claims against him. "His new contract, which was made at a time typical for renewals of multi-year talent contracts, added protections for the company specifically aimed at harassment, including that Mr. O'Reilly could be dismissed if the company was made aware of other allegations or if additional relevant information was obtained in a company investigation".

O'Reilly's lawyer disputed Wiehl's characterization of their relationship and said the host's relationship with the network analyst was an 18-year friendship during which she sometimes gave him legal counsel. It was the sixth such settlement that O'Reilly had paid out and by far the largest.

O'Reilly is not the only person to have been ousted by Fox for claims of misconduct - Fox News Channel chairman and CEO Roger Ailes was forced to resign amid similar sexual harassment allegations in 2016. At the time, the company had undertaken internal steps to root out and address complaints of employee harassment. "I wish you all the best".

Nevertheless, the Murdochs made a decision to re-sign O'Reilly, despite being aware of his history of settlements, including the one with Wiehl only a month before they began contract renewal talks.

O'Reilly hasn't exactly been exiled from Fox News either - he recently appeared on Sean Hannity's show, where he lamented not fighting harder to keep his job.

According to the Times, Fox negotiated his contract to include new provisions that would allow O'Reilly to be let go if new allegations came to light. British regulators said scandals in the US have already threatened its attempt to acquire the European satellite network Sky. She agreed not to sue Mr. O'Reilly, Fox News or 21st Century Fox and that all photos, text messages and other communications between the two would be destroyed. Shine has been named as a defendant in several lawsuits by former Fox contributors and staffers. She spent 15 years as an on-air analyst at the right-leaning network.

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