Too much exercise can lead to death, especially for white men

White men who exercise excessively are at high risk for plaque buildup in arteries

Could doing too much exercise KILL you? This many hours puts you at risk of heart disease

When it comes to exercise, can you get too much of a good thing?

Caucasian men who exercise three times above the US national guidelines for working out (150 minutes per week) are 86% more likely than black men, and those who exercise less, to develop a buildup of plaque in their hearts by the time they're middle aged, according to a new study.

Surprisingly, the same didn't apply for black men.

A 2014 study published in BMJ found that engaging in too much prolonged high-intensity exercise may actually increase the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke in people who already suffer from heart disease.

"The results of the present study showing a relationship between higher doses of PA and CAC development suggest yet another possible mechanistic explanation for the existence of an upper limit for CV benefit", Laddu and co-authors wrote.

Assistant Professor of physical therapy in the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences Deepika Laddu said: "We expected to see that higher levels of physical activity over time would be associated with lower levels of CAC".

But Laddu doesn't want any men to hang up their running shoes just yet, because there are many questions that remain to be answered. In addition, the white men who exercised a lot turned out to be 86% more likely to have CAC compared to black men.

There was no higher chances of CAC for dark members who practiced at this level, and keeping in mind that there was a comparable pattern for white ladies it was not measurably critical. They also say more research is needed to better define their results.

"Those who are sort of in the "super-exercise" category, meaning they exercise way more than 150 minutes a week, had the highest amount of calcium in their arteries when they did the CT scans".

"It does not suggest that anyone should stop exercising". Members of the CARDIA study were followed from 1985 through 2011.

Scientists split members into three particular gatherings, in light of physical action designs.

Current U.S. physical activity guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity weekly. At baseline, participants were ages 18 to 30 living in Birmingham, Alabama; Chicago; Minneapolis; and Oakland, California. One group exercised below the guidelines level.

A new study says all that exercise could be bad for your heart. In the study, the researchers found, surprisingly, that the third group of avid exercisers was 27% more likely to develop CAC by the end of the experiment (at ages 43 to 55) than their group one peers. According to the research, black participants who fell into the excessive exercise category saw no higher odds of developing unsafe levels of CAC or atherosclerosis.

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