Suspected murderer smears self with faeces to stall court trial

Accused cop killer defecates, smears feces on face in courtroom

Travis Boys declared incompetent for trial 'at this time' after feces incident

Travis Boys being escorted be an officer this week.

After halting the proceedings Wednesday, however, Herman ordered that another competency hearing be held on Thursday. According to NOLA, the 35-year-old rubbed poop on his face during jury selection, causing a huge stink for everyone involved. Pointing to the testimony of two other doctors, she found that Boys was competent to stand trial. The defendant had returned from the bathroom, apparently hiding a napkin of his own poop. Jury selection went on without incident for hours until the feces incident.

An accused cop killer's jury selection in New Orleans came to a screeching - and smelly - halt Wednesday after the man began rubbing feces on his face.

Boys has entered a dual plea of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity.

Boys previously was deemed unfit for trial in September, and that ruling was also made in Judge Herman's court during a six-hour hearing. 'He would have significant difficulty testifying without incriminating himself. Prosecutors have asked for life in prison, but if Boys was convicted of first-degree murder, he could've faced the death penalty in Louisiana.

After Boys was treated, prosecutors and defense attorneys polled potential jurors on whether they had heard of the shooting of Holloway and if they could decide the case fairly.

But court-appointed experts Dr Rafael Salcedo, a forensic psychologist, and Dr Richard Richoux, forensic psychiatrist, said Boys was capable of standing trial.

Sothern said he has met with Boys about 50 times, and Boys has shown a pattern of expressing paranoia in their legal meetings, has talked about hearing voices and has struggled to answer simple personal questions that would help his attorneys defend him.

The most important requests from both sides concerned what kind of evidence Boys' lawyers can present about his purported low IQ and mental health problems.

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